Saturday, February 11, 2012

I was really proud of myself the other day because when it comes to computers I have no technical knowledge nor ability. If I am having a problem on my computer I  usually turn my problem over to one of my kids to fix.  I found out how to totally delete my old email address and  all my  information associated with that email address.  I thought I had changed all my programs on my computer  to my new email address but to my dismay I had forgotten one site.  I did not change my Apple ID and so I could not download any apps.  I struggled trying to solve my problem but everything I tried did not work  because to change your Apple ID you use your old email address to log in and then you can change your log in information and since I deleted that email address I could not log in.  I created a new Apple ID but that still did not change my Apple ID log in setting and make it  so that I could download apps.  I finally googled my problem and I did what they told me and I was able to fix my problem.  I had to go to my settings and then store and log out of my old email address and then log in using my new Apple ID.  I fixed the problem! Yeah!

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